Wallace Mcleod


Questions and Answers

Where do you start when planning your designs?

The planning of a design is a combination of the influence of the architecture and the people that are going to live in the spaces. So really, the first steps are understanding the intent in the architecture and the overall context of the building, as this can influence the materials used and how we seek to connect the interior to the exterior. Also, understanding who is going to live in the space, in this case, we are not working directly with the people living in the spaces in the first instance so it is really about East Victoria Park itself, what is the character of the area and how do we create spaces that reflect that?

Why is customisation important for buyers? How have you applied it in your interiors?

We have thought about customisation in a number of ways at East and Co. Firstly, we have quite purposefully provided areas for people to display personal items that allow the buyer’s life and personality to come through; part of our job is creating a space that supports the people living in it and this personalisation is key. Secondly, we carefully chose materials that compliment other materials and colours, making it easy for people to add furniture without it clashing. Customisation of joinery and materials ensures the space is precisely tailored to the buyer.

Aesthetic beauty and functionality are both fundamental to interior design. How have you ensured both are achieved simultaneously?

While the ideal layout enhances how people live or move in a space, we appraise aesthetics as a function in itself. It is important that people are happy with their surroundings and that it gives joy and happiness every time they walk through their home. From the visual connection they have down to the subtle planning that might facilitate casual interaction between family and friends gathering around the kitchen before dinner.

What rules have you broken to make your interior designs truly unique and contemporary?

We have created spaces that are unique to the personality of each precinct. The main thing really is avoiding trends that come and go. The space must have a current visual appeal but cannot follow ideas you may see on TV that change from year to year. Instead, we have created a calm backdrop for each person to be able to personalise when they move in or directly with the Interior Designer if they are looking to add their own touches to the spaces.

How do your interior designs pay homage to the exteriors? How do the two flow seamlessly together?

We have to really understand two things; the spatial arrangement created by the architect and the material palette of the exterior. Enhancing the spatial arrangement through cabinetry arrangement, creating focus and grounding a space with materials and joinery can really help reinforce the flow of the house. Similarly, bringing some of the exterior materials into the house and likewise, the interior material outside, can help draw the eye through windows so spaces appear larger and more spacious while also creating a more seamless connection to some great outdoor rooms

East and Co. is a true collaboration between top architects and designers. How do you think the product has been elevated as a result?

Whenever you get a group of people who are passionate about their jobs, it is hard for the result to be anything but elevated. I think we are all passionate about creating spaces that support and enhance how people live their lives and everyone will feel that when they experience these spaces.